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Here are some pictures of obesity, I’ll paint you a picture of obesity many people automatically think of self indulgent lazy selfish people when they think obese. This is rarely true. Obesity is often the result of underlying issues. These issues may be anything from emotional problems to physical issues such as thyroid problems. Sometimes the issue is truly over indulgence or lack of self control. I think it’s a bit obvious that treatment for the underlying issues should be the first face of any weight loss plan.

If the issue is physical such as a glandular problem treatment by a qualified physician may be necessary. If the cause of your obesity is motivational and possibly emotional, the help of a good support system will aid in your weight loss battle. First start with your family and friends they can be an invaluable asset in the battle against obesity pictures. Another great tool in the fight against obesity is support from like minded people. Many diet programs have meetings where you can get support and discuss the uphill struggle with people who are either in the same boat or have been there themselves. I have found that online weight loss forums can also be great place to find support, and answers on topics about obesity.

If we join together with others who battle obesity we can win the fight for better health and maybe there will be no more obesity pictures. This video contains the thoughts of some kids on bullying. There is so much talk in the news about bullying yet it is ignored when the overweight are bullied.

Maybe this video is better than obesity pictures.

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