Fast Food and Obesity Is There a Connection

Fast food and obesity , does fast food cause obesity?

Sure it does. While this is not exactly the truth there is truth in that statement. Typical fast food is a prime example of the food that causes obesity. Even the healthy choices like salads can be pretty bad for your diet too. Obviously the best option is to not eat fast food period, but for some myself included this is not feasible. So the next step is the right choice from the menu, just be cautious and check the nutrition information on whatever choice you make when at a fast food joint. One simple tip: You don’t need to use the whole packet of dressing.

There is another problem with fast food and obesity. It is the fast food mentality. Some of us have conditioned ourselves to expect fast prepared food. Many of us do not like to make the effort or just don’t have the time to prepare a wholesome nutritious meal. We even crave the high fat high calorie fare that fast food joints prepare for us. I say we do have the time there are many healthy meals that can be prepared in very little time. I realize not everyone likes to cook, I love it. Try it a few times find some easy recipes that sound good and are healthy. I think you will find that fast food doesn’t sound as good anymore. I personally would rather have roasted vegetables tossed with olive oil and whole wheat spaghetti than a double cheeseburger any day.

Is there a link between fast food and obesity? Of course there is, but our choices are ultimately responsible. Whether you choose to cook a great meal at home instead of the fast food, or just make better healthier menu choices your choices will have major effects on your weight. So find the choice that is right for you, for me it is fast food or obesity. Believe me sometimes I still miss the Wendy’s double.

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