Childhood Obesity an Epidemic.

 Can we stop childhood obesity

Childhood obesity has been on a rise in the U.S. for the past couple of decades. I think it is safe to assume that it has a good chance of leading to adult obesity, but that’s not the only concern. You also have the litany of health problems associated with obesity. You have kids with high cholesterol diabetes hypertension and the other diseases and conditions associated with obesity.

At what point should a parent become concerned about a possible weight problem with their child? Not all children are built the same some children naturally have a larger frame than others. Also children may carry additional fat or weight at certain stages of development. The best person to assess the possibility of childhood obesity in your child is your family health care provider. The doctor can compare your child’s weight to weight charts and get a profile on family history of obesity as well as recommend a plan to avoid childhood obesity. It is important to realize that not every child that carries a few extra pounds is obese.

Avoid childhood obesity.

The safest bet is to try and avoid childhood obesity before it starts. It really is never to early to start your child on the path of healthy eating. Teach your children the value of good wholesome meals and portion control. Teach a child just how good fruit and vegetables can be stay away from sugary drinks and too much juice. Make dinner be sit down time with the family. Teach your child early to savor his food. Rather than woof it down to get back to the TV or the computer.

Another step is to keep your child active instead of video games all the time try to influence your child to take some time playing outside make exercise fun for the child, do not emphasize structured exercise but fun activities that cater to the child’s interests . If a child stays active and healthy this can lead to a long active healthy adulthood also.

What if my child is already obese?

If your child has already been touched by childhood obesity your first step should be to get advice from his doctor. Generally if a child under seven is obese with no other health problem a plan of weight maintenance will be recommended. The idea is too let them grow while staying the same weight. Children over seven or with other health problems will need to go on some sort of weight loss program. It comes down to the simple equation, that is not so simple, eat healthier exercise more and the child will lose weight. I know that if you are overweight you have heard it yourself a million times but it is important to help you child along with this. A slow steady loss is ideal perhaps a pound or two a week.

Whether your child suffers from childhood obesity or not, it is good to start them on a life of healthy eating and exercise. If your child is obese I strongly urge you to help them and support them in weight loss. Believe me I know all to well it is no fun being the fat kid. I have read some of the recent studies suggesting that childhood obesity rates have hit a plateau. This is great news and shows some sign of hope, but there is still much work to be done to combat childhood obesity.

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