Brookhaven Obesity Clinic

Have you seen Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic? I must admit I have only recently had the opportunity to see this show. This show Brookhaven Obesity Clinic airs on TLC. It features a rehab facility in Far Rockaway, NY that has an obesity wing. The patients at Brookhaven Obesity Clinic are severely morbidly obese, many will soon die if they do not lose weight. I even find myself questioning how someone can gat to the weight and size these people are at. This show is actually pretty sad. The obese people on the show are in extremely poor health and are trying to save there own lives with the help of the support staff.

The amount of entrants into the obesity program is limited so prospective patients must undergo an interview process conducted by the director of Brookhaven. These people are desperate and need help, however the director will not grant acceptance in to the program if he feels they are hopeless. Cost is another issue for patients at the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. I’m not sure why insurance companies would deny the cost of this obesity program when they claim obesity is costing so much, I think the obvious answer is that it would be cheaper to let these people die than to rehabilitate them into healthy people who may require insurance coverage for decades to come.

One sad fact when watching Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic is knowing that some of these people will not make it. We get to meet the families, who are often obese too, Brookhaven helps the families on the outside to aid in life after Brookhaven.

A great benefit of this show, I believe, is putting a face and a name on the obese. I think only a heartless person would not have compassion for these people (some more than others). While the majority of us obese have never been in the shape these people are, we can relate somewhat with their struggles

As I said Brookhaven Obesity Clinic seems a bit extreme at first, but these people are in extreme situations.

Brookhaven Obesity Clinic is located at:

Brookhaven Rehabilitation & Health Care Center

250 Beach 17th Street

Far Rockaway, NY 11691

Phone 718-471-7500

Fax 718-327-9074

The website for Brookhaven Obesity Clinic is: Brookhaven Rehab

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